Avoid Using Passive Voice

The first tip when crafting bullet points is to avoid using passive voice and make sure you use the active voice. Also, when writing a bullet point, start with the unique item and use a short one or two-line description. If your resume is too long, you can elaborate on the project in your cover letter. The key is to write the points in a way that will get them to read.

Use Bullet Points

Try making your bullet points focused on your skills. If you have experience with training, you can use a bullet point to list how many new accounts you have opened in a certain amount of time. If you have experience in training new employees, you can use a bullet point to highlight this. If you have a great deal of experience in training others or any online education platforms like ONPASSIVE O-Cademy, you can use a bullet point to focus on those skills.

Follow It Up With Details Of Each Task

Start each bullet with a strong action verb. Then, follow it up with details of each task. Make sure to quantify the action and explain how it impacted the company. It is one of the best ways to catch the attention of hiring managers. So, try to include keywords that can be found in the job description. When writing your bullet points, use keywords relevant to the job position and the employer.

Use Action Verbs

When crafting bullet points on your resume, always remember to use action verbs that describe your work. Choose action verbs that are specific to the role you are applying for. If you are writing for a new position, use an action verb that describes the job description, such as “created an amazing product.” It will help emphasize your strengths and skills by describing your achievements in a short but concise way.

List Out Your Accomplishments

You can also create a narrative by listing your accomplishments. Think of bullet points as accomplishment statements that highlight your skills and achievements. Each one should be relevant to the job role you’re applying for. Identifying each skill and contributing to the company’s success are some excellent examples. You can transform generic descriptions into a strong set of bullet points in your resume. You can include all of them in your objective to make them stand out.

Include Your Achievements On The Left-Hand Margin

Recruiters scan resumes. They’ll scan the left-hand margin and the first few words of each bullet point. If you can get them to read your bullet points, you’ll have a better chance of being noticed. The left-hand margin is a great place to include your achievements. The right-hand margin is the best place to include them. It won’t be read if your resume isn’t written in a good-looking format.

Bullet Points Should Not More Than Two Lines

Besides highlighting your accomplishments, your bullet points should also be concise. In addition to being shorter, bullet points should not contain more than two lines. Moreover, they should not be more than two lines. In addition, they should be short, with one or two words. If you’re unable to include these sentences, consider using more complex sentence structures. These styles will make your resume look more attractive and stand out from the competition.

Include a Brief Description Of What You Did At Each Job

While bullet points are an effective way to convey your skills and achievements, it’s also essential to include a brief description of what you did at each job. For example, you could highlight that you oversaw a team of six people. It would be a perfect bullet point to highlight your experience and skills. A few words can go a long way in a resume. Incorporate as many skills as possible in the bullet points.

Focus On The Target Role

When writing bullet points, focus on the target role you want to land. Instead of listing your current position, you should include your goals for the future. Using bullet points will highlight your relevant skills and experience. They will also show the hiring manager that you can handle the job. You should include the relevant keywords in your resume and the company’s website. It will ensure that your resume is readable by the hiring manager.

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