An interview is usually stressful, and if you’re a fresher, it may be even more so! On the one hand, you are delighted to enter the corporate world, but you are also terrified of being rejected. Aside from that, you might not know where to start preparing for the interview or what measures to take to get into your ideal company’s discussion. Rather than being consumed by negative thoughts, it is preferable to be well-prepared for the interview.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of resources to help you plan for your journey and make it less stressful and convenient. So, let’s get started with some specific interview advice and tactics to bear in mind before attending an interview:

Freshers Interview Tips

Know About The Firm, And The Job Role 

Before attending any interviews, the first and most crucial step is to research the company you’ll be working for. It would help if you explored everything about the company, including its year of establishment, job, rivals, obstacles, and future goals, by going through its website and social media page and conducting online research.

Most candidates skip this crucial stage, allowing the employer to strike them from the list. Another critical thing that candidates must do is comprehend the job role, which is vital; if you have any doubts, it is best to read up on it before heading to the interview. Many candidates don’t do their homework before applying for a job and then show up for the interview, making them look like an idiot in front of the company. If you found the position through an advertisement or another source, study it thoroughly and consult the recruiter if you have any questions.

Keep All Your Paperwork In One Place

Keeping all of your paperwork organized is one of the most crucial things before heading to an interview. You should print many copies of your resume and double-check them for any spelling or grammatical issues. Apart from that, keep all of your academic documents, such as degrees, mark sheets, and so on, in one location, both original and photocopied, for a stress-free experience. It’s also good to bring any past internship certificates or letters of recommendation from your former mentor, building trust.

You are carrying a tiny pen or notepad to jot down essential information. It will also make a positive impression on the company and demonstrate your commitment.

Basic Interview Questions Should Be Well-Prepared

Preparing for the basic interview questions is another piece of interview advice for a good interview. “Tell us about yourself” and “What are your long-term goals?” are frequently asked questions.

“What makes you want to work with us?” the interviewer could ask. As your answer, talk about your advantages and disadvantages. As a result, prepare responses to these questions and double-check that they correspond to your abilities.

You can also add interest to your replies by telling them stories and including examples from your previous experience. Additionally, be confident; you can rehearse with your family and friends and work on your flaws. As a result, all of these factors will assist you in becoming “smooth as silk” during the interview.

Prepare For Mock Interview

The mock interview is a comprehensive preparation tool for your job interview. It gives you a fair chance to practice and improve the areas where you are poor. By creating a truly professional setting, you can prepare with family members, friends, or any of your mentors. Keep all of the necessary paperwork in one location and a notepad to record the feedback, even if it’s just for practice. Aside from that, try on formal attire to determine if you feel comfortable in it. Furthermore, avoid appearing robotic; instead of memorizing responses, communicate in a style that sounds interesting and makes you appear qualified for the position.

Dress Formally And Arrive On Time

These are the two things that most candidates overlook, putting them at risk of losing their dream job. As a result, you should dress professionally if you’re heading for a job interview. You’ll look formal and interview-ready if you wear a crisp shirt and jeans with clean shoes. In addition, if necessary, you can wear a suit to make yourself appear more presentable. Large watches and jewelry should be avoided, as should wearing a strong scent, as these items can attract unwelcome attention.

Be Punctual! Reach The Office On Time

Punctuality is essential for success and can propel you to new heights. It will assist you in keeping your thoughts relaxed and allowing you to settle down properly. The biggest blunder you can make is being late for your first interview. Always plan your time to arrive at the interview location at least 15-20 minutes early.


The goal of interviews is to find the best candidate for the job and the firm. It isn’t a complete assessment of your abilities. Follow these steps and focus on honing your soft skills to help you stand out from the crowd of other contenders for the job. So, if you wish to get more tips on interviews and career, contact the ONPASSIVE Career team.

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