Social media is critical not just in our personal lives but also in our professional lives. Whether keeping up with the latest trends or promoting your products, social media is where the world is right now, and failing to use it will significantly lose demographics.

As a result, there is a growing demand for social media manager skills and positions. To obtain the most important social media manager jobs, you must first perfect the proper technique to present your talents and experiences in your social media manager resume.

Points To Keep In Mind While Writing A Social Media Manager Resume

Highlight The Social Media Manager’s Abilities And Business Results In The Same Area

Social media may appear to be a simple job, with a few tweets here and there, but what catches the recruiter’s eye is whether your tweet or article was successful in attracting business.

Work for an apparel store, for example. You can demonstrate your social media manager skills by showing how you raised sales through social media or other quantitative activities.

Highlight Your Unique Abilities As A Social Media Manager

Another critical element to consider when writing your social media manager resume is emphasizing the skills that set you apart from the competition. A few common social media management talents you might highlight in your resume are drafting newsletters and configuring campaigns.

So, to get the recruiter’s attention, make sure you highlight abilities that your competitors are unlikely to consider. If others present their campaign settings, you might highlight your social media manager’s skills in audience behavior understanding, etc.

A social media manager is expected to do more than compose and configure attractive messages on the platforms; they also need to grasp each social media site’s demographics to attract customers.

As a result, highlighting your ability to grasp audience psychology demonstrates that you understand your obligations thoroughly.

In addition, in your social media skills area, list the social media tools you’ve dealt with (Hootsuite, Buzzsumo, etc.).

Calculate Your Employment Experience

If you quantify your work experience on your resume, it will get the recruiter’s attention. Now that you’ve quantified your expertise, you’ll be able to show how you used social media platforms to achieve your goals.

For example, if your campaign raised sales, you should emphasize how much sales increased to the recruiter. This will demonstrate that you are committed to your job and want to help the company flourish.

Include A Relevant Resume Objective/Summary

One of the most important abilities for a social media manager is communicating effectively. Why not include such skills in your resume for a social media manager?

A resume objective based on your experience is required for every resume. In short, both of these sections allow candidates to present their talents and expertise in 2-3 lines to entice the recruiter to read the rest of their social media manager resume.

A well-written CV summary can demonstrate your ability as a social media manager to draw attention to the document.

Show Your Communication Skills Through Action Words

A social media manager’s CV should be brief, precise, and accurate. Using action verbs is the most excellent method to ensure that all three requirements are met while attracting recruiters. An action word saves space and makes a strong impression on the recruiter.

Don’t Use Too Many Keywords.

When it comes to capturing recruiters’ attention to your social media manager’s resume, keywords are crucial. Using too many keywords in a CV, on the other hand, can backfire and make the outline appear unauthentic.

So, the easiest method to ensure that you have the proper keywords to include in your social media manager resume is to read the job description offered by the recruiters.

Perform A Grammatical Check

The final step in creating the ideal resume for a social media manager is to proofread the document to ensure it is free of errors. In addition, you can utilize the Grammarly program to correct any grammatical issues in your social media manager resume.

As a social media manager, having adequate grammar understanding is essential for your job. If your resume has any grammatical problems, the recruiter may conclude that you are unsuitable.


Finally, keep these pointers in mind when preparing a resume for a social media manager. To stay ahead of the competition and improve your resume, keep up with the most in-demand social media management abilities.

So, if you wish to know more about social media, contact the ONPASSIVE team.

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