The tech professionals are forced to estimate potential job roles that could dramatically advance their career graphs. Across the Globe, Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is having an impact on numerous industries. Even Forbes predicted in one of its reports that the growth rate of AI job roles would exceed 70%.

Additionally, because it is now possible to understand the needs of the current users, this growth rate has enabled the AI market to seize brilliant sources of revenue on a global scale. Then, in accordance with the highlighted specifications, the organizations would provide the hardware or software services.

Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence

Due to the increasing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) across industries, career opportunities in this field have increased recently. An AI career appears to be the most promising compared to other available careers. It makes sense that AI will create many jobs.

Employers require AI talent to meet their technological needs. As a result, a career in AI is not only drawing job seekers to it but also experiencing tremendous growth. Job seekers must have the necessary technical skills to start a career in artificial intelligence.

Due to the wide range of applications in numerous industries, there are multiple opportunities for careers in AI. Additionally, many AI enthusiasts are unclear on the subject.

What Are The Most Demanded Job Roles in Artificial Intelligence?

The following are some of the most in-demand job roles in AI:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer 

An artificially intelligent engineer can predict a business problem thanks to their vast knowledge and years of experience. The concerned person can not only develop but also apply and test AI algorithms necessary to meet the increasing demands of the users or clients with Brilliant efficiency when handling the current AI Infrastructure.

According to numerous reliable survey reports, such professionals with just one or two years of experience are unquestionably earning between 8 and 14 lakhs per year. So, suppose you’re interested in forecasting accurate and effective business decisions using accurate economic statistics or applied NLP. In that case, you can now adopt this in-demand job role for better career advancement.

  • Data Scientist 

Data scientists are considered to be vice presidents or kings of the artificial intelligence industry. Unmistakably, they care a lot about extracting excellent data patterns that have the best chance of positively affecting past and present information. Additionally, they possess the exceptional communication skills needed to interact with profitable results from a business perspective.

In addition, they have experience with formal or informal SQL, Scala, or Python programming, enabling them to effectively streamline the complexity of the AI tasks given to them by their senior managers or team leaders.

  • Business Intelligence Developer 

Are you considering whether or not Business Intelligence is comparable to Artificial Intelligence or Business intelligence developer? Many people are troubled by this question because they want to quickly and accurately understand a business situation.

This profile can be related to Artificial Intelligence because a person in it will use their analytical and BI-centric (i.e., business intelligence-centric) skills to optimize a range of business processes.

The individual is knowledgeable about computer programming and other complex cloud-based platforms for which businesses like Amazon are willing to pay up to 14 lakhs per year. You must increase your interest in this profile to land a job whose demand won’t go away.

  • Research Scientist

Individuals who are Performance-exclusive or research scientists can be placed in the same category. Reason? They can always turn the tables through reinforcement learning and benchmarked graphical models that won’t deteriorate until the next generation surpasses.

Additionally, the organizations that hire these people pay them more than the typical range of 6 to 10 LPA for someone with a year’s worth of experience. However, you should first learn about Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Advanced-Level Statistics, Computer Perception, Distributed Computing, and many other topics.

  • Robotics Scientist 

On the other hand, Robotic Scientists stand out in the list of AI Job roles. This is so that the person in question can test the cost-functions related to creating mechanical devices known as ROBOTS in addition to designing OSs (Operating Systems).

Scientists aware of automation make sure that robots perform independently, safely, and efficiently. Considering if you can adopt this mindset! Yes, but it’s advised that you first hold a bachelor’s degree in robotics, computer science engineering, or a closely related discipline.

  • Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineer is skilled at creating and maintaining big data architectures that can produce results that align with business needs. Such engineers are rumored to command not only fantastic salaries but also fantastic perks in the current market.

The most obvious explanation is that they are able to handle both simple and complex customer requirements using languages like Java, SQL, Hadoop, and Kafka. And if you start a conversation about their pay, you’ll learn that they receive a yearly salary of between 7 and 10 lakhs in India.

After a few years of experience, they won’t find earning more than the stated range challenging because they will have developed real-world skills like data structures, R, Python, distributed systems, and data pipelines.


The need for experts in artificial intelligence (AI) is steadily increasing as automation is used more frequently. The demand in India will continue to increase quickly due to the government’s digitization efforts and the rise of AI start-ups and businesses.

Industries will require qualified AI specialists. You should start developing your expertise if you want to pursue a career in artificial intelligence. You can not only create a career in AI with the right skill set, but you can also advance significantly.

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