A resume is a door to your employment. If you wish to be hired for the position you aspire you have to prepare yourself to resume with your skill set and experience rightly and impressively. The format and the layout must invite the employers to go through the complete resume. If it fails, the employer will not go further with your resume.

No worries! Herein, you will know the best suggestions for creative resume writing. So, let us get started:

Initially, talk about your overall experience. Later mention your employment experience in detail. Following this, include your info and skills in specific languages you are familiar with. Please talk about the certificates as it adds extra credit.

Before posting your details in the resume, knowing your applied position is essential. Study the job description and understand the key requirements clearly. If necessary, get trained to stay positive and competitive.

Update your resume to include any tools you got trained, knowledge, etc., to create extra interest for the employer. Significantly, a resume with a cover letter can change the hiring process.

Points to include in the cover letter :

  • Mention only a few highlights. At the same time, do not repeat the resume
  • Talk about your interest in the job and the value you can generate
  • Talk about what you can offer to the organization
  • Mention career gaps if you have any
  • Talk about why you are the better person for the specific job

Going further, let us study the following resume writing tips.

1.Choose a good Font 

  • Use an easy-to-read font and the font size between 10 and 12.
  • Maintain font consistency all through the resume. Also, choose the same font for the cover letter.


Ensure to have margins of 1 inch on all four sides. If you wish to limit the content to a single page, reduce the margin to the at-least half inch but not less than that.

3.Line spacing 

Implement one-line spacing after the resume section; once you complete writing content for that section, use double line space to start a new section. Each section’s content can include a single line space wherever necessary to improve readability.

For instance, Employment History is the name of the section. You must separate the content and the section name into a single line space. First, mention the organization’s name, give a single line space, and write the tenure of experience. Further, use a single line space and write the content. Within the content, if you need to mention the bullet points use a one-line space and start writing the bullet points.

Best RESUME Sample


Ensure that the headings have a large font size compared to the rest of the text. You can make them visually attractive by writing them in caps.

5.No Pictures 

Pictures are unnecessary for resumes as they give the employer the slightest impression of your job profile.


Build a single-page resume. Two pages resume ok for experienced candidates. If you are missing some important details, do not mind extending it to one more page.

We have studied the basics of resume design. Now we will explore the details of resume content. Initially, choose the correct sections in proper order. Mention your latest experience on the top, followed by your previous employment.

The best-looking resumes portray the designs specific to the industry, career history, and goals. Standout resumes emerge by talking more about who you are.

Top ways to prepare a resume:


The Most Important Resumes Types :

1.Chronological Resume

A chronological resume mentions your work experience beginning from the current, followed by the previous experience. This model best suits candidates who have considerable experience.

2.Functional Resume:

Functional resume talks more about skills compared to work experience. The other name for this resume is skill-based resume. Recruiters usually do not like this resume format as they take less time to skim through the essential aspects of the resumes.

Within the time they spend, they look at the job titles, qualifications, responsibilities, and your skill set. However, the functional resume does not portray the information employers look at.

3.Combination Resume

A combination resume talks about skills, current work experience, and accomplishments. This resume best suits the candidates who have only a few years of experience after college, are recent college graduates, are employees changing industries, and those who do not have any gaps.

Conclusion :

When to choose what kind of resume is essential. Know about distinct resume types such as student resume templates, one-page resume templates, two-column resume templates, creative resume templates, simple resume templates, and best resume templates to know various template types.

Staying in tune with the current technological trend is essential. ONPASSIVE provides O-Cademy to train you on the latest technologies and gain space in your resume. Also, know about chronological, functional, and combination resumes to choose the most relevant ones.

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