Job Search Fatigue is a buzzword that’s all over the place these days, and it seems to be the newest “buzzword” that everyone is talking about. People are facing trouble finding the right kind of job, especially in this economy.

So what’s the deal with this? Why is everybody so tired of hearing about this? Well, for one thing, it’s really not as easy as just getting a new job and finding something you love. You really have to put in work on your own behalf if you want to succeed.

Managing Job Search Fatigue is all about making sure you stay motivated. It takes more than just the best job. You have to show your skills, and you have to know your stuff.

And that takes work. Much work. But think about this: A few years ago, when you had the right skills, you would have been able to just hop on the computer and start searching for a job like you’re doing now. You probably even had a resume to go with it. But because you’ve spent years working in the rat race, you’re a little drowsy these days.

So you’ve got to take some time off and do some serious soul searching. You need to ask yourself, Am I really committed to my career? Am I even interested in my career? Am I willing to take the extra effort for my dream job?

Believe in your own abilities

Managing Job Search Fatigue doesn’t come easily, and it’s not something you can put on your resume, just like “bragging” rights. If you don’t like and enjoy what you do, you can’t contribute to your company’s success. And if you don’t believe in your own abilities, then how can anyone else?

You need to relax and slow down, and take a look at all the possibilities open to you. Find an area of your life (a hobby, maybe?) that interests you. Then pursue it.

Keep an eye on the prize

Managing job search fatigue is a daily challenge. However, you can make it simpler for yourself. When you set your goals, when you choose your team, and when you keep your eye on the prize, you will find that you can conquer your fears and resist the pull of the bad days. That kind of stamina deserves a pat on the back.

Build a support system

Job hunting is never easy. You will encounter rejections more than you expect, and you’ll get rejected by people you thought you had a chance with. Don’t let these things bring you down. Instead, use them as stepping stones to build yourself a better support system and more connections.

Set goals

Managing Job Search Fatigue is about setting and reaching goals and having a plan helps. Even if you don’t know how to design or implement a plan, start with one. You might want your job search to be as streamlined and easy as possible. Without a clear goal, you’re sailing aimlessly.

Stay positive

You also have to remember to stay positive. People tend to focus on negativity more than they do on hope and excitement. Be upbeat, polite, and patient with everyone and everything. You never know when you’ll strike gold and land the job of your dreams. Keep searching, but don’t give up until you’ve finally found what it is you were looking for. Staying positive will help you avoid the feelings of discouragement that come with not having any luck with the search.

Wrapping up

Lastly, know when to step aside and let someone else do the job. There will come the point in your job search when you will not only feel like giving up, but you’ll wonder if it’s even worth trying. Let other professionals handle the work while you focus on finding a new job. You’ll find that there is no substitute for experience. By having real-world work experience under their belts, you can more easily leverage this experience in your favor when negotiating with potential employers.

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