Are you looking for ways to attend phone or video interviews successfully? In a phone interview, the interviewer might ask about your previous work history and about some mundane questions about how you act, what you like to do, and so forth. You can’t answer those questions effectively or truthfully if you are not already prepared for them. That is why preparation for the phone interview is so necessary.

In the current digitalized world, interviews have turned online. It is essential to get oneself prepared for it looking to the technical aspects of the devices or the systems supporting conducting virtual interviews.

Virtual interviews are happening more than previously as it could not be not always possible to attend physically. You will probably only get a few minutes to make your pitch. Therefore, you want to make sure that you listen carefully and thoroughly to what the interviewer is saying.

  • When preparing for a phone interview, you may consider taking a practice call and playing it back. This will help you develop your listening skills and will also allow you to gauge how you sound when being interviewed. Remember, the interviewer will never tell you how you are doing, but you will hear how you sound. So, make sure that you practice your interviewing skills!
  • There are many resources online that will help you prepare for your interview. Many sites offer tips on how to conduct yourself during a phone call. Some sites can help you record yourself so you can review the video if it is needed. You may even find tips on the type of questions that are likely to be asked. Make sure that you get a pen and paper so that you can take notes if necessary.
  • Don’t get nervous or stressed out. Relax, focus on answering the questions, and being professional. If you don’t feel confident in your answers, this will reflect in your voice. The interviewer needs to get a good feeling about you from the start, so work at being professional regardless of whether it’s a video interview or a phone call.

The above are some of the tips for attending a phone interview ideally. And, above this, both the interviewer and the attendee have to support the tools and technologies offering virtual interviews.

ONPASSIVE’s support for online interview

We have known the current necessity of conducting online interviews, and for this, tools and technologies are in definite need. ONPASSIVE, an AI-powered organization, has optimized Artificial Intelligence to generate some efficient products.

Of them, O-connect has turned out as an effective tool for video conferencing. The tool supports HD audio and video with perfect quality. The detailed dashboard of the tool helps track the activities online. External link integration and dual-screen share are the other significant features of the tool. Moreover, speech-to-text is the other feature of the tool, and the auto language feature helps the local audience to know about the language.


From the past year, we have seen how things have transformed. We are restricted from mingling with each other as we did previously. Social distancing has been the need of the time. Supporting this, the work procedures have changed. Primarily, organizations have been conducting interviews online to hire candidates.

In this instance, the use of video communication tools serves the purpose. ONPASSIVE can support the O-Connect enabling seamless connection with the people.

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