If you have observed people with successful careers, you will find that they deal with interesting and challenging tasks and are the first ones to get to the top position.

Setting up clear and realistic goals will help develop your career. Career development is in your hands. You need not wait until the review time to know where you lag. The process involves consistent learning by choosing paths that will help you improve.

Here are some effective tips to enhance your career development.

Top 12 Career development tips  

Choosing a career is the foundation for career development. The following things need considering for your career development.

1. Know your strengths

List down your strengths and how they apply to the organization you are working. For instance, if you are a good speaker and know a subject, you can be a good teacher or a lecturer.

If you are authoritative, you can handle a team efficiently.

Importantly, your core values are important. Choose a job that matches those values. As a result, you can have satisfaction and motivation to get ahead in your career. Set clear goals considering the job environment,  salary, work-life balance, etc.

2. Gain new skills

Acquiring new skills will help you progress in your career. Primarily we have three different kinds of skills:

  1. Teamwork: Teamwork helps share ideas, help coworkers and attain common goals to establish a healthy atmosphere. Listening is the key to learning. If you pay attention while listening, you learn new things and improve.
  2. Critical thinking:Critical thinking can solve workplace complexities. To attain critical thinking, excel in hard skills, which help identify and solve issues quickly.
  3. Emotional intelligence:Emotional intelligence at the workplace helps understanding coworkers, customers, and managers. Listening is the key. Be genuine in responding to what is being said. If you find anything positive, appreciate and encourage it. Anything negative suggest improvements. Of course, a smile, whenever necessary, adds value to your conversation.

3. Build a network

Developing a professional network helps you attain your career goals quickly. To do so, participate in conferences. For instance, you are a software developer in a specific language, say Java. You can attend the related conferences to meet people who can guide you with ideas suitable for your career growth and accomplish your goals.

4. Choose an effective mentor

Mentors guide young people in their careers. They can be your managers, a coworker with more experience, or someone in your professional network. Mentors offer advice that will add help you accomplish your career goals easily.

Meet your mentor regularly and share your experiences so that you always stay motivated and inspired to accomplish your career milestones.

5. Change your work regularly

Career development is built by changing your work periodically. Accomplish a project you are a part of, and then move to another. You always have to be prepared to attain high positions in your profile. It is fine if your current organization recognizes you and promotes you to higher work. If not, choose another organization to explore the wealth of new opportunities.

6. Gain the Feedback

Feedback is as important as self-assessment. You have to be happy about getting the feedback, whether positive or negative. Positive feedback motivates you and encourages you. At the same time, negative feedback allows you to grow.

7. Document  your accomplishments

Write down what you accomplish in your career. This will help you gain confidence in your abilities and look how best you have been in the past. Career development can take time. So, it is important to identify your strengths and be grateful for your accomplishments.

8. Optimize organizations’ resources

Organizations usually offer a variety of educational resources and training programs for the benefit of the employees. Utilizing them can help you develop new skills. For instance, you could have a library composed of various books. You can grab them and advance in your career.

9. Rise out of comfort zone

Success is out of the comfort zone. So, stretch yourself out of your expertise and do anything new that interests you. Overcome your fear by going through challenges that come across your path. For instance,  if you are interested in graphics designing, do it. You will get the necessary support if you aspire to do so.

10. Believe in yourself

You grow confident as you gain experience and acquire a new skill set. At the same time, never forget the people who helped you. Be insignificant and value others. Thereby, you earn respect for yourself. Never give space to fear, which can raise many doubts causing hindrance to growth.

11. Learn continuously

Career development can be assured through continuous learning. Acquire the latest trends in your field, and ensure that your resume reflects those skills. Seek ways to improve your skills either through a training program or try to implement them in your current job. If you do not align with the current trends, you will indeed be left behind.

12. Build trust

Trust is the crucial element that attracts people. Your behavior should be in such a way that people start trusting you. Though it may take some time to build trust, develop yourself accordingly.


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