There are a few ways you can support women in the workplace. If you’re the boss of a female employee, you must make her feel welcome, listen to and be involved in decisions. When you promote a woman, keep an eye out for poor behavior. Ensure that you promote from within. You can advocate for her when she needs help or advice. Here are a few of the most critical steps to take.

As a woman, you’re a valuable member of the team:

You may be a female executive, but you can help other women reach their full potential by giving them feedback on their performance. By providing positive feedback on their performance, you can improve the workplace culture and break the negative narrative that only one woman can succeed. Harvard Business Review has reported that women with a network of close female connections were more likely to land executive and higher-paying positions.

As a male leader, you can ally with working women:

 An organization study found that only 15 people in a 100-person board meeting were women. Moreover, daily meetings with ten or fewer participants have fewer than two female employees. You should bring in more women whenever possible. If it’s inappropriate to have only a female leader, at least make her feel appreciated.

As a male leader, you should promote women in your organization:

Regardless of your gender, you can empower women and promote their career opportunities. Invest in their development and encourage them to make an impact in the world. You can also help them achieve their full potential by being a good partner. You’ll be amazed at what women can achieve! There’s no reason for women to feel invisible and undervalued.

Become a role model: 

Besides promoting women, you can also support women in leadership positions. You can help them achieve their goals by being a mentor. When you mentor a woman, she will feel supported and motivated by her peers. When she is successful, she will be able to inspire and motivate others. She will be more likely to promote women when she is a leader.

Invest in education: 

For example, if you’re a woman in the workplace, promote gender and race pay gaps seminars. By investing in education, you’re sending a message that you care about their views and are committed to helping them succeed. When women are included in decision-making, you’ll attract more talented people. This will lead to increased productivity and increased profits.

Be a mentor:

Whether she is a senior or a junior manager, you should support her in her career. The encouragement of a female colleague will go a long way. If she is not happy with her job, she’ll feel isolated and may even consider leaving the company. She will often feel judged and have difficulty integrating into the work environment. So, be a good mentor.

Provide feedback to women:

Providing feedback to women is critical for them to succeed. Many men receive more feedback from their bosses than their female colleagues. These leaders are often women, and it is vital to encourage women to make their way in the workplace. By focusing on these differences, you’ll be able to provide the needed support for women in the workplace. You can also promote employee resource groups to advance women in your company.

Promote employee resource groups:

Creating an employee resource group will help build authentic relationships with other employees. For example, you can set up a working mother resource group or offer sponsorship to women in technology. Providing support to these groups will help them feel more comfortable in their new roles. You’ll also be allowing women to return to work after a long absence.


ONPASSIVE always considers the most effective ways to support women in the workplace to listen to their opinions and concerns and make sure that they are considered in decisions. When you’re a boss, you can be a champion of women without tackling lousy behavior – for instance, by never interrupting a woman or rephrasing her point. Instead, focus on showing your employees that you understand their needs and that they’re essential.

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