How to introduce yourself in an interview

People aspiring to pursue their dream job must clear various interview rounds. Conversely, competition is so huge that you must prove identical. Apart from the technical skills, your presentation skills will be an added advantage in impressing the employer. Concerning this, here are the practical guidelines to introduce yourself in an interview.

1.Create a positive impression:

Be present for the interview at least 20min earlier. Go through the job description to stay relaxed and ready to face the upcoming questions. While facing the interviewer, maintain eye contact, listen well and respond genuinely. If you are asked about having a specific skill set, and you don’t possess it, be honest to accept it; however, say that you can learn if given an opportunity.

2.Dress professionally

The employer will be least convinced about your fit for the job without professional attire. Dressing professionally can make you feel confident and earn respect and the impression of your employers. Hiring professionals believe that dress sense can impact the job potential.

3.Be well mannered 

Smile at people when they are introduced to you. Sit straight and avoid cross-legged attire. Ensure a good posture, eye contact, and attention throughout the interview. The right attitude is what matters, as everything follows naturally.

4.Present your skills

Talk about the skills or abilities you possess relevant to the job. The intent is not just about showcasing your skills but how the organization benefits. Let the hiring manager understand how you can be an asset to the organization and the team. While talking about the skills, also talk about how you have used your skills to create a change. Talk about how your skills have motivated your team and set you as a leader.

5.Qualification and experience 

An effective response to the experience is to talk about your responsibilities and accomplishments and connect them with the job you are applying for. Relate your responsibilities to those mentioned in the job description so that the interviewers realize how important it is to hire you.


Boastful comments can pull back the employer. What most interviewers expect are modesty and humility. Say that you have worked hard to accomplish specific tasks. Leave out all comparisons. Be thankful for your friends and family who have supported you in your journey. Instead of saying that I was a good leader, say that sales productivity grew double-fold ever since you headed the team.

7.Express your identity:

The first and the most common interview question you face is Tell me about yourself.” Depending on your job profile, begin your story. If you recently graduated, talk about it. If you are experienced, talk about your education and then your experience. Suppose you have 20 years of experience starting from the middle of your career to keep your answer short and crisp.

Talk about your experience and accomplishments, and finally, end with the current situation you are in.

8.Online interviews:

Though you attend an online interview, be well prepared by the way you do traditionally. Sit up and dress professionally with sufficient lighting. Smile while you are introduced. You may be louder and more empathetic while dealing online. Look into the eyes of the interviewees and speak. Maintain the proper posture, stay confident and be yourself. Maintain the camera at your eye level.


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